Interactive Media

Authoring Our Own Future

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Is Only The Beginning

Our background in technology, business, and creativity is deeply embedded in media. Media is a beautiful incubator for advancement and innovation, always pushing the envelope between illusion and reality. As a pillar of what we do, media continues to be how we present and develop a more beautiful tomorrow.

Step 1

Frame Ideas Aesthetically

Poetry, Photography, Music, and Design are used as ways to create a culture of what technology and the future can look like.

Step 2

Marketing for Existing Innovators

Build a body of media and creative styles and techniques, and use this art skill as an artisan trade, marketing and promoting promising innovators already building technologies and methods coherent with our vision.

Step 3

Tell Coherent Narratives

Build stories between the ideals and the innovators. Documentaries and promotional infographics as well as aspirational copy, press releases, and coverage tell a story with a clear plot. We're in the future and are directing its course..

Step 4

Produce Cinematic Experiences

Direct capital and funding towards dynamic features that tell stories, share information, and share visions of a beautiful future.

Step 5

Share Engaging Media

We then promote the media through various channels, testing messages and building a network and platform of media from our studios.

Step 6

Create Interactive Channels

Communication goes two ways. We will build and provide ways for users and viewers to provide meaningful feedback into the fictional world. VR, AR, video games, apps, voting systems, and chatbots among them. This breaks the fourth wall and pull the consumer into the world and allows the world to leak into reality via its technologies.

Step 7

Direct Innovation from Feedback

Based on the feedback and attention, we will in turn direct the progress of our innovations. The goal will be to fund and build each worthwhile innovation from our studios, in which the fiction was a thought experiment of an actual development process. Each phase has its independent capital channels allowing for fluid, resilient pivots.

Creativity comes through play.

Involve More Creatives Through Technology

We believe in digital media as part of the maturity of communication. Cinema, video games, theater and other forms of collaborative presentation are astounding in that they involve nearly every human skillset, from writing to dance to carpentry. By democratizing interactive media through a series of unified narratives in ways that involve the entire human experience, we can find opportunities explore not just the technologies, but also how we map our own imaginations. We collaborated in the following project involving the HTC Vibe, Tilt Brush, green screen, video production, music production and dance with a small team that extended into learning several production skills later used in digital promotion and art festivals.