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Our Strategy

For Building Tomorrow

At Eidolon Institute we feel strongly that the future doesn't happen to us, rather we happen to the future. Our ambition is to be the best thing that can happen to it. Below is our process for implementing change for tomorrow in real time.

Step 1

Identify a Core Problem

Identify a problem worth solving. One that affects many people and can provide meaningful impact to the world. Several problems and solutions come in through contracts or community projects and enter our idea accelerator program.

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Step 2

Collect Great Ideas

Gather people and imagine solutions. Look for inspiration and push our collective minds to the border of possible. This process is largely facilitated by our idea management software which allows knowledge workers to collaborate along organized modules of activity.

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Step 3

Collaborate Potential Solutions

Brainstorm around ideas, attacking from every angle, until we've investigated the wisest plausible methods to provide and fund a solution.

Step 4

Research And Experiment

Exhaustively comb for information through surveys, reports, research and experimentation to validate and disqualify our hypotheses. Research and development projects are also used as an opportunity to train new innovators through in controlled projects through our intern, apprentice, and virtual assistant programs

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Step 5

Build Teams

Construct cohesive teams around a number of criteria: Passion, experience, skills, and proximity. Once teams are developed, assign them to seperate aspects of the problem and establish non-siloed communication between them.

Step 6

Execute On Plans

We act on plans by setting a series of goals and milestones. Using methods like lean and agile to move through the problem in cost effective sprints, and constantly readjusting toward a solution. We utilize our custom workforce and resource management software Cubiqle to select teams, assign tasks, and control budgets.


Step 7

Track and Share Progress

Documenting each part of the process through accessibly and transparent records allows us to increase the number of innovators and potential competition to improve the quality of implementation. Largely progress will be publicized through a number of media projects.

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Step 8

Launch New Projects

Upon each successful milestone up until implementation, there will be public launch announcements. When break out groups become self sufficient enough to exist outside of the institute the will be established as automonous business entities.